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Why Plannex is one step ahead.

The patented system PLANNEX is able to guarantee very high finishing and wear-resistant standards, at the same time it is extremely cost-effective and possesses all those characteristics that make it an essential component for planing. The new automatic fixing system for interchangeable knives has been specifically designed for tools used in planing applications.
1. The cutterhead can be made of steel or high-resistant light alloy; two or more pocktes are drawn on it for the knives positioning which will in turn auto-position themselves in the appropriate knife pocket.
2. The reversible knives can be supplied in HSS (for soft wood) or in solid HW (for hard wood or composites). Their section has been carefully designed to allow for automatic setting and positioning. This allows for constant tool precision throughout, exluding the use of positioning gauges (thus eliminating all checking procedures).
3. The fixing wedges' profile enhances chip evacuation. The wedge also has two or more finely ground link-pins that radially guide it whilst avoiding it to move sideways.
4. The springs used for the pre-fixing-load are lodged within the cutterhead, these will move the wedge and bring in into position and fix it simultaneously once the knives have been replaced.
5. The driving screw operating on the wedge releases the system allowing for simple and fast cutter replacement. When loosened the system will automatically precisely and safely fix itself.
6. The wedge's special profile allows for fast and efficient chip evacuation (see point 2), and moreover to use these tools on automatic planing machines with high feed rates and very deep chip removal.

7. The Plannex patented system has been designed in adherence to the EN 847/1 European norm: the number of components has in fact been reduced to a minimum.

Tool rotation will ensure a perfect fix: the centrifugal force exerted during the process will stop the wedge from falling out of its pocket.

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